This is me…

Hello! ¬†Welcome to my blog ūüôā

Start of a new year, and¬†I¬†thought¬†I¬†might try something different. ¬†I used to keep an online journal when¬†I¬†was a teenager, so¬†I’m¬†not really new to this but it has been years since I last used it and¬†I’m¬†sure my reason for writing has changed greatly!

This year I’m on a mission. ¬†A mission to try and make a better home life for myself and my family. ¬†I have a loving husband who is my world, our own house that is our home and a dream to start a family and fill our little home with laughter and giggles.

In order to be the loving wife and mother¬†I¬†want to be, I need to at least feel like I am control of the house, and not have the house controlling me! ¬†By which I mean, not feeling like that pile of dishes in the sink is running my life and looming over me everytime¬†I¬†walk in the door. ¬†I want a home that is easy to maintain, where doing chores doesn’t feel like hard work. ¬†In order to do this though,¬†I¬†need a little motivation!

I’m hoping that by writing about my journey, it might keep me motivated to keep at it, and soon I’ll have a happy home that is welcoming ūüôā