Listmania – Week 3 – Crushes

Crushes: Then and now

When I read the topic for this week I was like “Crap… I can’t remember who I used to have a crush on when I was younger”.  (I was only born in the early 80’s but my head has been filled with other things since then! lol)  I thought about it for awhile and started remembering all the posters I used to have on my walls and I even had a folder with magazine clippings etc in it. I still can’t remember alot of them, but I managed to come up with some 🙂

I know I had alot of David Boreanaz posters on my walls as a teenager though! Loved my Buffy & Angel 🙂  (Still don’t mind him actually!)  I think there were a few Leonardo Di Caprio ones as well.  Pretty sure others ranged from hot guys in Home & Away (Remember we’re talking back in the day when it was good 😉 lol in the late 90’s!), Blue Heelers, Water Rats, “Five”, “Human Nature”.. Oh.. JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) when he was in Home Improvement.

Nowadays… As I said before, David Boreanaz is still on the list, added with Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, both Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter (“Wade” & “George” from Hart of Dixie), and the Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) from True Blood (I really must watch more of that show!).

lol I’m not very good at this but it’s given me a trip down memory lane and a good laugh! 🙂


Listmania – Week 2 – Highs & Lows

Listmania two: share your highs and lows , loves and hates of your current season (be it summer or winter)

Take 2 at this, since WordPress ate my first post. *sigh*

*Edit* Lol so apparently it was 5 good, 5 bad.. But well, I missed that bit, so you get what you get 😉  I think I probably have 5 in there though! *End edit*

It’s currently summer time here in Australia, which is probably one of my favourite seasons.  But with any season, there are days I love it and days I hate it.

Summer to me, and what I love, is a hot afternoon, where the sun is blazing in the sky and there’s a faint smell of smoke drifting in the air from some distant bushfire.  It’s the cool breeze which picks up just before the summer storm rolls in.  The lightning on the horizon, the fresh smell of rain mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass.  Raindrops on the roof, claps of thunder overheard and the instant drop in temperature.

The lazy days spend lazing around a friends house or a beachside apartment.  Lying in a hammock or on the couch, while laughing & telling stories or just relaxing in quiet company – usually drifiting off to sleep only to be rudely awoken by one of your dearest friends.

BBQs with friends and family, frisbee in the park, walks along the beach which end in a water fight in the ocean.  Warm nights spent sitting on a balcony with a cold drink and good mates.

The things about summer which I could do without would be the humidity (of course, if you have air conditioning then this may not be an issue).  Those days where nothing you do keeps you cool.  Clothing & strands of hair stick to your skin. Everything you try to do causes frustration.  Just getting up off the couch is a lot of effort in this heat.  Sleeping at night is near impossible – it’s just too hot and sticky.  Even a cool shower or dip i the pool is useless, as soon as you’re out of the water you’re right back where you started.

The ants.  They seem to think they can take over your kitchen as soon as the rain comes. Leave an empty drink can on the bench and it disappears under a mass of tiny moving black bodies. They’re only small by they sure hurt when they bite!

The flies.  They’re never invited to your BBQ or Christmas day lunch, yet they’re always there with their entire family!

The destruction caused by cyclones, fire & flood.  I’m a weather nut and actually love all these things, but I love them when it’s mother nature at her finest – not when it becomes a situation of mass destruction and life or death.  Oh the plus side though, you see the true aussie spirit shine through and everyone bands together to help out complete strangers, and get everyone back on their feet to fight another day.

I think this is Summer summed up for me 🙂