“ListMania” Week 1 :)

Why not…  I didn’t manage to keep up with the Simplify Your Life posts last year, lets see how long Listmania hangs in there eh?  I’ll start off simple!

Currently I am:

Reading: Book 12 of “The Wheel of Time” Series “The Gathering Storm”

Listening to:  My regular breakfast crew returned to work today on my local community radio station (98.9fm) so getting back into my country after a few weeks break.

Laughing at:  My new guinea pigs antics!

Swooning over: Nothing really this week!

Planning: Dinner with my parents & sister for Australia day, A holiday away with hubby in march 🙂

Eating lots of: Nothing exciting… 

Feeling:  Hot & uncomfortable – which this humidity would bugger off and leave us in peace!  Otherwise just tired and run down, need a break!

Discovering: The joys of having pets.  I never had pets growing up (gold fish at the age of like 18 do not count!)

Looking at: My yard and wanting to get the trees planted but it’s just too hot

Wearing:  Anything cool!

Cooking:  Enjoying the new breadmaker and looking forward to trying to make some brownies or something on the weekend!

Wondering: What I should do for my sisters hen’s night/bridal shower!

Trying out:  Nothing yet, but want to do a Reiki course this year 🙂


Until Next time!


6 thoughts on ““ListMania” Week 1 :)

  1. Good to see you here – these lists are MUCH easier than SYL ; ) let’s have fun!

    my friend studies reiki and loves it – have fun learning! where are you thinking of going for your holiday?

    • Hoping to go down to Victoria. Hubby has grandparents we want to visit as well as go to Phillip Island and also Ballarat 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the joy of pets. We love Daisy our fish and Poppy our cat! I dusted off my breadmaker after a long break today and I will be using it more regularly. Hope you get a cool change soon.

  3. I’m also wanting it to cool down – and considering doing a reiki course that is being run locally in February. I have to do courses to keep my CPE points up and that is something that will add to them.
    Would love to try out a breakmaker and have fresh bread every day EXCEPT I am doing a paleo eating plan with no sugar, no dairy and no wheat !!!
    Have the best day and a great long weekend !
    Listmania visitor !

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