What 2012 Brings for me

Well a new year is upon us.  For me, it brings with it all sorts of exciting possibilities!  I got an idea from “The Organised Housewife” (http://theorganisedhousewife.com.au/) and put together a simple little poster of words that relate to things I want this year.

Create – I want to create more.  I love sewing and have been making stuffed toys for the last few months.  I want to keep doing this and expand into making clothes.

Cook – I want to enjoy cooking, not feel that it is a chore.  I received a new recipe book for Christmas from my in-laws and I’m hoping to find some new inspiring ideas!

Fun – I want to have fun spending time with family and friends.  Time with my friends is little and far between, so I’ll make more of an effort to see them – even if its just for a quick coffee!

Plant – I want to revive my veggie garden which is currently hiding under a thick bed of weeds.  I also want to get to work on the rest of our garden.

Learn – I want to learn more – whether it be new recipes, how to sew clothes or continue my on-line spirituality course I started 3 years ago!

Grow – I want to grow as a person, and help my family to grow.

Play – I want to play more which I guess links in to the Fun part.  With plans to have kids, I can’t wait to spend time playing with my own baby.  It also means I want to spend more time doing things I enjoy, and less time doing housework and chores.

Fresh – Looking at things from a fresh point of view, buying fresh foods, making our own food (bread & pasta!).

Live.Laugh.Love – I love this quote and I thought it summed up what I want 2012 to be all about 🙂

I currently have the picture set as the lock screen background on my iPhone, so I will see it every day. Let’s hope I can live up to my motivational poster! 🙂


3 thoughts on “What 2012 Brings for me

  1. I’m loving your list!! I think I will spend some time over the weekend thinking of something similiar. I’m back to work on Monday, so hoping to get my herb garden started this weekend, and spend time in my cottage style garden – I could literally spend every day there. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you. xx

    • Thank you 🙂
      Ooh a herb garden would be great, but I have managed to kill every herb I have ever planted… 😦 Just a talent I have I think!
      “Cottage style garden” sounds delightful! I’d much rather be in mine most days than at work, but alas, my plants don’t pay me! hehe

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